Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary

This  Wildlife Sanctuary, famous for elephants,  is situated  40 kms from Thodupuzha(Kerla) extending over the Thodupuzha and Udumpanchola taluks of Idukki district in around 77sq. kms area  at an altitude of 450 to  748m above sea level. The sanctuary has a large variety of flora and fauna.

Wild Population of the Sanctuary
Mammals : Elephants, Bison, Sambhar, Deer, Wild Dogs, Jungle Cats, Tiger, Wild Boar etc
Reptiles :  Cobra, Viper, Krait and a large number of non- poisonous snakes
Avian species : Wild Fowl, Myna, Laughing Thrush, Black Bulbul, Peafowl, Woodpecker, Kingfisher etc.

Places to visit
Eravikulam National Park : It is 7000 feet above sea level. See and capture in camera the deer darting and elephant crowds.  Other attractions of this park are Spot egrets, herons, darters, teals and various avian species.  Half of the world population of the endangered Nilgiri Tahr dwells here. They are friendly. You can pat them. Chase them.

Idukki reservoir : This water reservoir covering an area of 33 sq. km., is formed by three dams namely Cheruthoni, Idukki and Kulamavu

The Lake and arch dam : A picturesque lake and  a majestic arch dam across two hills are attractions here.  Spot the roaming herds of elephants, gaur, Langur, Leopard and Wild Boar in the tropical semi-evergreen and deciduous forests here.

On the Way : Availing the transport facility of Kerala Tourism to the Sanctuary through muddy winding paths in Nilgir Hill, you can enjoy scenic beauty of wild flowers, a chain of green hillocks dotted with white streams in every direction on  the way to the sanctuary.

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