About South India

Region Constituting South India:
Southern Indian region covers the entire Indian Peninsula, south of the Vindhya Range. It includes four Indian states namely Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu and the Union Territory of Pondicherry. Narmada and Mahanadi rivers form its northern boundary. Its Peninsular boundaries are formed by Arabian Sea(West), Indian Ocean(South)  and the Bay of Bengal(East) Its southernmost tip  is Kanyakumari.

Geographical features of the Peninsula:
 Its plateau land  lies between two mountain ranges( the Western Ghats and Eastern Ghats).    Separated by Mahanadi from rest of India, its other important rivers are Tungabhadra, Kaveri, Krishna and Godavari. South India is famous for its beaches, backwaters, hill stations and main pilgrimage centers of India.

Its political History and Heritage:
Before the advent of the British empire, it was mainly ruled dynasties of  Cholas, Pandyas, Cheras, Hoysalas and Vijayanagar. These dynasties constructed  several  forts, palaces and temples which stand as the testimony to the rich South Indian art and architecture through Impressive carvings and sculptures on these monumental structures with unique Dravida and Vesala styles of rock architecture. Besides, South India (especially Bangalore) has emerged as a hub of IT Industry in India.

The people of South India are called South Indians. The womenfolk here wear saree and the men sport white dhoti or bright colored lungi festooned with batik patterns.

South Indian Food:
This includes  sambhar,  dosa, idli, uttapam, fish, coconut, pickles and spicy curries.

South Indians have highly developed  dance and music forms practiced at mass level. Its main dance forms are Bharatnatayam, Kuchipudi, Kathakali, Theyyam, Ottamthullal, Oppama, Kerala Natanam and Mohiniaatam. Karnataka classical music is its distict music form which almost everbody lerarn.  South Indians enthusiastically celeberate their fairs and festivals. The people here are full of zest and celebrate their fairs and festivalslike  Pongal(Tamil Nadu), Ugadi(Karnataka), Hampi ( Kerala) and Tea and Tourism festival( Ooty).

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