Best Time to Visit Vellore

Summer Season in Vellore

Summer starts in March and ends in June. The temperature can go as high as 40 degree C. Thus, it is advisable not to visit this place unless you can handle the heat, in summer. The place becomes extremely hot and dehydration becomes common.

Monsoon Season in Vellore

From the beginning of July, the rainfall starts. Rainfall will be very mild and the heat and humidity of the place would vanish. Due to its vicinity to mountain, the place would look enchanting during monsoon season. Sightseeing would be at its prime and it is the right time to visit this city.

Winter season in Vellore

This enchanting temperature would remain the same in winter season too. September marks the end of rainfall. November month is the starting of winter season. The temperature can go as low as 20 degree C. This is the time when natural beauty of the place would be at its prime. This season is the best for all kinds of activities in the city.

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