Vellore Tours

Vellore is a small ancient city that is located on the banks of the river named Palar. It has a very rich history and thus, you can find a lot of ancient architectural structures like forts, temples and others. Vellore is a place for medical tourism. There are a lot of hospitals and natural attractions that attract people from all over the world.

This city is located near Yellagiri Mountain and thus, you can imagine the climate of this city. You ought to taste the real and pure honey of this mountain. Jackfruit is also famous here. It is a very simple but enchanting place. There are a lot of picnic spots in this city.

This city was a battlefield many centuries ago. Many historic battles of South India took place in this city. This city was also called as city of spears (Vel means spear in South Indian language and Oore means city or place).Today, it is a city with glorious attractions. Apart from architectural beauty and religious places, there are a lot of nature bubbling places here.

Though it is a religious and historic place, there is only one festival that attracts a lot of tourists from various parts of the world. A three day harvest festival called Pongal is celebrated in January. People in the city celebrate this festival with various exhibitions, fairs and other competition. It would be too colourful to watch.

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