Best time to visit and Weather in Tirunelveli

Summer Season in Vellore

Tirunelveli is in the tropical belt and you can witness extremely hot summers. From March to May, you would experience very hot and humid climate. People do not usually opt for this season unless you want to get better deals in hotels. The temperature can go as high as 39 degree C. May would have the highest temperature of the whole season. By the end of May, temperature would start to drop slowly. June marks the beginning of rainfall in the city.

Monsoon Season in Tirunelveli

The rainfall would be very heavy. Thunderstorm and cyclones are not very common in this city. Yet, people do not opt for this season because of rain and wet condition. If you love rain, you ought to visit this city in Monsoon. But, most of the nature related activities might not be at its prime during this season.

Winter season in Tirunelveli

Temperature falls below 30 degree C in winter. November is the starting month of winter and the temperature will last the same till February. This is the time when migration birds reach the city and so the tourists. September to February is the tourism prime months of this city.

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