Best Places to Visit in Tirunelveli


Starting from 17th century Nellaiappar Temple with musical pillars to thousand years old Sankaran Kovil, there are numerous temples with varying architectural styles here. Venkatachalapathy Temple in this city is about 10,000 years old. It is said that the temple is one of the most ancient styled temples that are built in Dravidian style. The architectural skills of ancient human are amazing to watch in this digital world.

Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve

It is a protected forest reserve for many birds, animals, reptiles and most importantly, the endangered Royal Bengal Tiger. It is about 2000 meters above the sea level and you can imagine the climate in this reserve.


Kuttralam or Courtalam is a natural spa of India. There are a lot of rivers and falls in this place that are said to be of medicinal value because of the plants that grow in the rocks through which the falls originate. You can find a lot of exotic flora and fauna here. Beware of monkeys too.


It is a medicinal plant rich place. There are more than 100 types of medicinal herbs that are not found elsewhere, here. You can find a lot of migration birds in this place. Manjolai Hills of Papanasam is one of the most important tourism attractions in this place.
Apart from this, you can find a lot of water related activities and adrenaline rushing actions here with nature. You ought to taste the spicy cuisine of this land.

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