Weather in Tiruchirappalli

Summer Season in Tiruchirappalli

Summer starts from March. Due to its tropical zone location, summer would be warm and humid. The temperature can go as high as 41 degree C. The temperature would not go below 36 degree C during summer. Thus, if you cannot tolerate heat, it is better to avoid summer. Summer extends up to May. In May, the temperature would be at its pinnacle. Since the number of tourists would be very less, you can get better deals in summer season. March and April marks the beginning of lot of local festivals. Fairs, exhibitions and other celebrations would be at its peak. Tourists who are interested in the local tradition of the land visit during this time period. If you plan to do so, remember to wear light

Monsoon Season in Tiruchirappalli

Rain starts from the month of June. The city has moderate rainfall and the temperature continues to be humid. Since the rain would be mild, it would be very pleasant to visit the city during monsoon season. Monsoon ends in September. June to September is the tourism time in this city and you can find a lot of fairs during this season.

Winter season in Tiruchirappalli

Winters are relatively comfortable. Tourists visit the city in this season if they do not want wet roads and hate rain. The temperature can go as high as 22 degree C. Due to the mild temperature and pleasant climate; you can find a lot of tourists in this city between December and February.

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