Best Time to Visit and Weather in Thanjavur

Summer Season in Thanjavur

The district is in a delta region and tropical zone. This adds humidity and pleasantness to the climate. The summer starts in the month of March and extends till May. In the beginning of summer, the temperature would be mild and enchanting. People usually visit the district in summer for sightseeing. But, as the summer progresses, the place becomes dry and hot. The temperature can go as high as 37 degree C.

Monsoon Season in Thanjavur

Rainfall starts in July. This district gets ample and heavy rainfall throughout the monsoon season. This is the time when the fields start to grow. Thus, you can see very little greenery in this town. Due to the heavy rain, the tourists usually avoid monsoon season. The rainfall extends up to August or the second week of September. The climate would be mild and slightly chill during monsoon season.

Winter season in Thanjavur

Winter marks the beginning of tourism season. The temperature would be comfortable and can go as low as 20 degree C. The winter starts in December. January is the best time to visit this place as the place would be very green and lush. Many festivals and celebrations happen during January. The winter extends up to February. During winter, sightseeing and other tourism attractions would be at its peak.

The best time to visit this place is winter season and the beginning of summer season. This time period starts from October and ends in March. Other months would either be very dry or very wet.

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