Thanjavur Tour

The Rice Bowl of India or Thanjavur is a district in Tamil Nadu that is about 350 km away from Chennai. This area started its development from 9th century. You can find a lot of historic architectural structure in this place. There are a lot of World Heritage Monuments too.

Since it is the Rice Bowl, you can find a lot of green farms, lush vegetation and water related attractions here. Those who love nature and want a relaxing vacation can choose Thanjavur. It is also called as Thanjore. This name is derived from a mythological demon named Tanjan.

This district is filled with historic palaces, serene places and nature spots. Other top attractions of the district are Tanjore painting, silk handloom, cotton sarees and other art works. There are a lot of hotels in varying budgets for tourists to stay. Since it has a lot of historic places and temples, many festivals are celebrated in a very grand manner. Since it is an agricultural area, the harvest festival called Pongal that is celebrated for three days in January is the most beautiful festival. A lot of international tourists visit this place for its festivals. Apart from this a lot of other festivals are also celebrated in a unique way in this district.

Are you planning to visit this place? You can visit this all throughout the year and the tropical climate demands light clothing.

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