Best Time to Visit Rameshwaram

Rameshwaram is in tropical zone and experiences typical tropical climate. The summer season is very hot and humid even with the breeze from the sea. The temperature can go as high as 43 degree C. Summer starts from the month of March and it reaches the peak during May. By the end of June, the monsoon starts. Rainfall will be abundant till September.

The monsoon is considered as the peak time to visit this place. The temperature can go as high as 35 degree C. Though rainfall and chillness are common in monsoon season, the place would still be as humid as summer season.

Winter starts by the beginning of November. The temperature can go as low as 17 degree C. This is the right season if you are looking for outdoor activities like sightseeing. Moreover, a lot of temple fairs and celebrations occur during winter season. Thus, it is always best to opt winter season for Rameshwaram vacation.

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