Rameshwaram is located in Ramanathapuram district of Tamil Nadu. It is a history rich place. This place is connected with a lot of epics in India. According to legends, Lord Ram built a bridge called Ramar Sedhu Bridge to connect India with Sri Lanka to rescue his wife who was kidnapped by the King of Lanka. It is said that a lot of monkeys helped him in this process. That bridge is still seen a little below the sea. According to science, this is Adam’s bridge which is a connecting land mass that existed from continental drift. It is also said that people used this bridge for reaching Sri Lanka centuries before and now, the bridge is immersed into water because of environmental factors.

This place is a pilgrimage place as it contains a lot of ancient temples. The beaches and other attractions in this place make it a nature enchanting place too. This place still has a Dravidian styled environment. This is called the Varanasi of South India. This is the place where many people come to wash away their sins. Apart from this, nature lovers, water activity lovers and architectural lovers can enjoy this place.

Since it is a religious place, a lot of festivals are celebrated in a grand manner here. Every year tourists opt for months with more number of festivals to visit this place.

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