Best Time to Visit Mudumalai

The best time to visit this place is during winter season and during the early summer. You can find the climate to be pleasing between October and April. This is the peak tourism season in Mudumalai.

Summer Season in Mudumalai

Summer starts in March and the place will be filled with colourful flowers. But, as the summer heats the place, you can find very less of animals or birds. The temperature can go as high as 38 degree C. Though, summer evenings will be very relaxing with cool breezes. Summer starts in the month of March and ends by June.

Monsoon Season in Mudumalai

You can find moderate rainfall from July to September. Though the place will be very green and lush during rainfall, spotting animals or birds would become tough and at the same time, the path becomes so muddy and slippery. Thus, people usually do not opt for rainy season.

Winter season in Mudumalai

November is the beginning for winter season. With a mild temperature that does not increase beyond 30 degree C, you can find a lot of migration birds and animals with their cubs. With fresh water from the falls due to the rains, the place would be very rich and serene. Winter ends by the end of February.

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