Best Time to Visit and Season in Mahabalipurams

Summer Season in Mahabalipuram

The temperature of Mahabalipuram is similar to that of Chennai. Summers are very hot and humid. The temperature can go as high as 42 degree C. Summer starts in March and ends in May. In May, the temperature would be at its peak and tourists usually avoid summer because of the heat. If you want to get better deals and if you are able to manage the heat, you can choose summer.

Monsoon Season in Mahabalipuram

Monsoon starts in June. The place would be very humid and rainfall would be high. Since most of the attractions are in open space, people usually do not want to be drenched in rain while sightseeing. So, monsoon is also not the best time to visit this place. Yet, the beach in rain would be a pleasant place to enjoy.

Winter season in Mahabalipuram

Monsoon ends in September and sometimes it might extend to October too. The winter starts in November. The climate would not be too cold and at the same time, the temperature would not be very high too. This is the best time for sightseeing and other activities. The winter ends in February. Winter is the best time for outdoor activities too.

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