Best Places to Visit in Mahabalipuram

Beach and Temple

The shore temple or Beach temple is on the beach and it faces the Bay of Bengal. This temple is made out of granite. This was built in 13th century. You can enjoy all types of water related activities in the beach. Fishing, turtle walk, boat rides, trekking and surfing are a few activities that you can find here.

Pancha Rathas

This is an open air relief that has five chariots. It is a monolith that represents the war of Mahabaratham. The statues are built out of pink granite.

Rock cut temples

There are total of 8 temples that are rock-cut. It is made out of rock columns. It was built in 7th century and it showcases finest sculptures and architectural talents of ancient Indian builders.

Thirukadalmallai temple

This temple was built in 8th century BC. It is an architectural and historic marvel in this place. It is considered to be one of the 108 traditional temples that are dedicated to Lord Vishnu by saints.

Museum of Sculpture

It is a museum that holds hundreds of sculptures that are made of varying elements. This museum is the best spot for those who can appreciate art.


Krishna’s butterball is a large ball shaped rock that stands on a slanting land without moving thereby defying Newton’s laws.


There are a lot of caves with many carving that can date as back as BC. The most visited caves are Mahishamardini and Varaha caves.

Chronicles India 7D

This is a 7DX theatre which screens a movie about Pallava history during the development of Mahabalipuram.

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