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On the banks of River Vaigai, city of Madurai lies as the city of temples. It was a cultural capital of Tamil Nadu and has a lot of commercial and cultural centres that are more than two thousand years old. It is said that the old city was almost destroyed by floods and the new city was built later in the beginning of 20th century.

It is the oldest city in the country. In 550 AD, this city was a commercial hub and thus, you can find a lot of Roman and Greek works in this city. It is city that is opted for Hindu pilgrimage since it has a lot of ancient temples.

If you happen to visit this city during January, a harvest festival called Pongal would be celebrated throughout the city. A lot of fairs and other celebrations would be found. Not just Pongal, a lot of other festivals are also celebrated in a grand manner in this city.

This city is called as the city that never sleeps. It is a very busy city with bubbling nightlife too. If you are visiting this city, you ought to taste the baked rice cake called idly that is famous here. This city has architectural marvels, sightseeing, lush greenery, water related activities and many other tourism magnets.

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