Best Time to Visit Kodaikanals

Summer Season in Kodaikanal

Summer season can be experienced from beginning of April to a little before the end of June. The Kodaikanal temperature can go as high as 18 degree C. It has a very pleasant summer. People from other parts of the country visit this place to get away from the blazing sun during summer season.

Monsoon Season in Kodaikanal

Rain starts from the beginning of July. It can go up to late October. During rainy season, you can experience a special aroma in this place. Kodaikanal Monsoon doubles the beauty of this place. Though the aesthetic effect is very delightful, the place becomes too slippery. Due to the fear of landslides, most of the attractions would be restricted during this season.

Winter season in Kodaikanal

Starting from late October, nights become extremely cold. Every now and then, a light drizzle can be seen. It would be very cold and the place would look almost deserted because the local people prefer to stay in their warm houses.

The best time to opt is summer. Apart from pleasant climate, a lot of fair and celebrations take place during this season. Tea fair, tourism fair, Natyanjali festival, Chithirai festival and a lot of other celebrations happen during summer season. Flower shows, races and other exhibitions are usually conducted in May.

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