Best Places to Visit in Kodaikanal

Berijam Lake

It is a beautiful lake that has an enchanting view on a foggy morning. Fire tower, medicine forest and the lake are the attractions that are found here. You can find a lot of exotic flora and fauna here.

Coaker’s walk

It is a long pathway that is about one kilometre long. It is the slope of a hillock which has a mesmerizing scenic environment. It is a beautiful walk for those who love nature. You can find clouds enveloping you.

Kodai Lake

This is the place where you can find some water related activities. It is a star shaped lake and you can enjoy boating, horse riding and many other activities.

Kurunji Andavar

This is a temple of Hindu religion. Though the architecture of this temple is a wonderful sight, people visit this temple for another reason. The kurunji flower that blooms once in 12 years can be found here in abundant.

Dolphin Nose

Dolphin Nose is the best spot for those who are planning trekking activities. When you reach Dolphin Nose, you can see Pamber falls and the panorama view of Western Ghats.

Bryant Park

It is a botanical garden near Kodai Lake. It has about 700 species of roses and many other floras. Flower shows are conducted here during summer. It is a popular summer place.

Green Valley

It is also called as suicide point. It is about 5000 meter above the ground. You can see pillar rocks and get a panoramic view of the surrounding.

Solar observatory

It is a 19th century science attraction that attracts a lot of children. You can also have enchanting views from the top of this observatory.

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