Best Time to Visit Kanyakumari

Summer Season in Kanyakumari

Summer season starts from March. The temperature can go as high as 35 degree C. It has a pleasant summer due to its vicinity to the sea. The cool breeze from the sea and enormous festivals and fairs makes summer season, the best time to visit the spot. Sometimes, rains and drizzles can be experienced during summer season too.

Monsoon Season in Kanyakumari

Rain starts from month of June and can extend up to September. The temperature would be mild and the rainfall would be very heavy. The place would retain its ethnic beauty during this season, but people do not prefer rainy season because of muddy roads, roaring sea and other factors.

Winter season in Kanyakumari

Winter starts from December and ends only by February. The temperature can go as high as 17 degree C. During the winter season, the breeze from the sea engulfs the place making it a paradise. This is the time when people visit this kanyakumari place for pilgrimages as it is the time when many religious festivals and celebrations starts.

No matter which season you choose, try to include a full moon night in your vacation schedule. The sunset and moon spotting on a full moon night would be a wonderful treat on the beaches. You can see the simultaneous occurring of sun setting and moon becoming visible. It is a natural beauty. The weather is always pleasant in this district making your trip memorable and comfortable.

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