Best Time to Visit Kanchipuram

Summer Season in Kanchipuram

Summer starts in March and ends in May. Summer will be very hot. The temperature can go as high as 37 degree C. May has the highest temperature in the whole summer season. Rainfall starts from June. There would be a heavy downpour. Since most of the attractions are outdoors, rainfall would cause discomfort to many. Still, the place would be enchanting with rain and cool breeze from the river.

Monsoon Season in Kanchipuram

Rainfall stops by the end of September. Winter starts in December. When compared to the surrounding places, Kanchipuram has colder winter. The temperature can go as low as 15 degree C.

Winter season in Kanchipuram

Weather is never a problem when it comes to this place. But, during September, the number of pilgrims would be very high making the place very crowded. If you want to enjoy the traditional functions of the place, visit during September or October. The best season for visiting this place is between March and October.

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