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Kanchipuram or Kanchi is a city in Tamil Nadu which is about 75 km away from the capital of the state, Chennai. It is located on the banks of a small river, Vegavathy River and Palar River. It has been ruled by various dynasties in the past and this place has many historic recordings and structures.

This city is called as the city of thousand temples. You can find a lot of architectural marvels of Vijayanagara Dynasty. There are several temples in the city with varying styles. Kanchipuram is known for silk weaving. Do you want to visit a place is that is historic, cultural, entertaining and religious? Visit Kanchipuram. You need not be a religious person to enjoy those unique structures. A lot of international tourists visit Kanchipuram to learn the art history of the country. Apart from being a pilgrimage spot and art centre, there are a lot of nature enchanting places and beach related attractions.

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