Tamil Nadu Hill Stations

Hill stations are always a delight. No matter what type of vacation you are planning; hill stations would be the right destinations always. In Tamil Nadu, there are eight famous hill stations and numerous small hamlets scattered throughout the state. Each hill station is as serene as another and you ought to visit at least one hill station during your each visit.

Top Hill Stations in Tamil Nadu


  • Peak season : March to June, September and October
  • Nearest city : Coimbatore
  • Visit duration : 3 day

Ooty is the queen of all hill stations. It is a picturesque place that attractions thousands of people every year; even in off-tourist seasons. Top attractions in Ooty are

  • Toy train ride
  • Botanical garden
  • Sightseeing at ravines, valleys and waterfalls
  • Lambs rock
  • Law’s fall and St. Catherine falls
  • Dolphin’s nose
  • Early morning bird watching
  • Romantic walk through plantations

Coimbatore is the nearest international airport and there are many buses from Coimbatore.


  • Peak season : March to June, September and October
  • Nearest City : Coimbatore
  • Visit duration : 3 days

Coonoor is called as poor man’s Ooty as the cost of living and entertainment are a little lesser than Ooty. It is a beautiful hill station and the primary producer of Nilgiri tea. The top activities to enjoy here are

  • Toy train from Mettupalayam
  • Strolling through grasslands, tea gardens and forests
  • Visit to botanical garden
  • Boating at Ooty lake
  • Rose garden visit
  • Picnic at pine forest
  • Sightseeing at Wenlock Downs and Emerald Lake
  • Tasting home-made chocolates
  • Kotagiri, another hill station which is little away from Ooty – trekking, rock climbing, sightseeing and boating

The nearest railway station is in Mettupalayam and the nearest international airport is in Coimbatore.


  • Peak season : September to May
  • Nearest City : Madurai
  • Visit duration : 3 days

Kodaikanal is called as the princess of hill stations. It is located in Dindigul district. It is very famous for romantic and serene sceneries. Thus, it is one of the top honeymoon destinations. The top attractions in this hill station are

  • Sightseeing at Pillar Rocks
  • Botanical garden of Bryant Park – 740 species of roses
  • Boating and other activities in Kodai Lake
  • Picnic at Bear Shola Falls and Coaker’s Walk
  • Stroll through plantation
  • Visit to solar observatory
  • Spotting kurunji flower that blooms only once in 12 years

The nearest airport is inn Madurai. Many buses run from Madurai, Dindigul, Ooty, Palani and Coimbatore to Kodaikanal. The nearest railway station is in Dindigul.


  • Peak season : October to June
  • Nearest City : Coimbatore
  • Visit duration : 1 day

Yercaud is located in Salem. It is a beautiful hill station in the Eastern Ghats. The hill station gets its name from Yercaud Lake which is a very popular tourist spot here. Stone Age ruins are found in a small shrine in Shevaroy hills, here. Top attractions in this hill station are

  • Boating and other activities in Yercaud lake
  • Sightseeing at Emerald Lake, Lady’s seat, Shevaroy temple, Bear’s point and small lake
  • Picnic at Killiyur falls
  • Visiting Anna park and Botanical garden
  • Buying organic jams of jackfruit, orange, guava or other fruits
  • Visiting cardamom plantation or coffee plantation for a stroll

Summer festival of Yercaud is celebrated in May. It is a 7 day celebration with flower shows, dog shows, boating races, fair and others. The nearest international airport is located in Coimbatore. The nearest railway station is in Salem. The nearest bus stand is in Salem. There are many buses between Salem to Yercaud.


  • Peak season : September to May
  • Nearest City : Chennai
  • Visit duration : 1 Day

It is a cluster of many hamlets spread over four mountains. It is a very common weekend getaway from Chennai. This hill station is famous for

  • Orchards, rose gardens and plantations
  • Drive through winding roads that connect hamlets
  • Trekking in Palamathi and Javadi Hills and trekking through dense forests
  • Paragliding and boating in Punganur lake
  • Sightseeing at Velavan temple, Nature park and Jalagaparai waterfalls
  • Flower show and dog show during summer festival in the end of May

The nearest airport is located in Chennai. The nearest railway station is located in Vellore. It is also easily reached from Bangalore.


  • Peak season : November to April
  • Nearest City : Chennai
  • Visit duration : less than a day

Topslip is a small hill station that is famous for its wildlife sanctuary. People usually take any road transportation from Coimbatore to reach here and enjoy the elephant camp, wildlife sanctuary and national park of Annamalai Tiger Reserve. It is also a wonderful destination for bird watching. Other attractions include trekking and visiting Ambuli watchtower.


  • Peak season : March to May
  • Nearest City : Coimbatore
  • Visit duration : less than a day

It is another small hill station near Coimbatore. It is famous for Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary’s safari and bird watching. Trekking and visiting plantations are other attractions here. Tribal dances and flower shows can be seen during summer festival in May.

Kolli Hills

  • Peak season : all through the year (avoid rainy season)
  • Nearest City : Trichy
  • Visit duration : Trichy

Kolli hill is a small mountain range with limited tourist activities like

  • Trekking
  • Visit to pineapple research centre
  • Sightseeing at Siddhar caves, temples, Agaya Gangai waterfalls
  • Visit to botanical garden
  • Picnic at Masila falls and Selur view point

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