Best Places to Visit in Coonoor

Find Out Here List of Top Tourist Places in Coonoor

Dolphin Nose

It is a popular tourist attraction in this place. It is a little away from Coonoor and is about thousand feet above sea level. The tip of this peak resembles the nose of a dolphin and you can get a panoramic view of the hills and clouds.

Sims Park

It is a park that covers about 12 hectare of land. It was started in 19th century. It has exotic and rare plant species. Fruit festival and the rose garden are the top attractions in this park.

Hidden Valley

Hidden Valley is a serene place in Coonoor where people come to have a relaxed time. The place is filled with scenic place and enchanting environment.

St. Catherine Falls

This is a romantic picnic spot. The falls is at a height of 250 feet from the ground. The place is mesmerizing and suits people who want to have a special place amidst nature.

Droog Fort

This is an 18th century fort that is about 600 metre above the sea level. It was once a massive fort and today it stands as a ruin with a large wall and a watch tower. Today, the watch tower is used by tourists for bird watching and panoramic view.

St. George’s Church

It is a 19th century church that was built by a colonel. It has a unique architecture and is in the style of Archetypal Cantonment. A lot of tourists visit Coonoor for visiting this church.

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