Best Time to Visit Coimbatore

Though Coimbatore is located in the tropical zone, it has a very pleasant climate because of Western Ghats. It has a moderate climate which is different from most of the other cities in Tamil Nadu.

Summer Season in Coimbatore

Summer starts from March and ends by May. Though it is not very hot, humidity would be very high. The cool breeze would keep you comfortable throughout the season. The temperature can go as high as 40 degree C. Summer would be the best time if you are planning on shopping, sightseeing and other outdoor activities.

Monsoon Season in Coimbatore

Heavy rain starts from June and ends by August. Due to its geographical location, the rainfall would be heavy and very frequent. Though it would be a paradise during rainy season, tourists do no visit much during rainy season to avoid getting drenched in chilled rain.

Winter season in Coimbatore

Winter is perfect time to visit Coimbatore for tourists. From the beginning of December, winter starts to increase the beauty of this enchanting city. The mornings would be foggy and the temperature would be mild too.

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