Best Time to Visit and Weather in Chennai

Summer Season in Chennai

Chennai’s weather can range from hot to hotter in the summer season from February to May and a cool breeze filled monsoon between June and October. The winter season starts at the end of October and end before the starting of February.  Since the state is nested in the east coast of the country and in a comfortable tropical zone, the weather can be extremely humid and hot during summer season. The temperature can go as high as 45 degree C (113 degree F) during summer season and as low as 20 degree C (60 degree F) during winter season.

Monsoon Season in Chennai

Winter which starts in November and ends in February is the best time to visit for those who cannot handle the heat. With cool breeze and eventual rainfall, winter marks the time when the city is crowded with tourists. Winter marks the beginning of many festivals too. Chennai in festival mood is something that you ought to enjoy. Though the cold would be bearable, it is better to pack a raincoat or umbrella to avoid getting drenched.

Winter season in Chennai

Summer is when you can get better deals in the city. A few weeks called Agninatchatiram marks the hottest time in the city. This occurs in May. It is always better to avoid this hottest month. Monsoon welcomes heavy rain and very strong winds making it a bit uncomfortable for people. If you love rain, you can be very sure that Chennai would look more beautiful with dark sky, musty wind and chill windy embrace.

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