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Chennai was named as Madras by British in 17th century. It was built by British as their hub for trading and commercial purposes. If you get deep into the history, Chennai has been a busy port from first century. Today, it is an urban centre, tourism destination and commercial hub. Beyond the bottle-neck traffic and urban rush, you can find a diverse and enchanting place. The greatest asset of Chennai is its 14 km long beach. Apart from this you can find a lot of temples, forts, malls, commercial areas, markets, religious places and architectural marvels.

What is called as Chennai today was ruled by three main dynasties in South India, some centuries ago. Each dynasty took turns to build a lot of monuments, statue and others. This makes Chennai a cultural hub. An ancient art school is still functioning in this city. The city still retains every strand of legacy that its rulers left it with. There are a lot of ancient and modern landmarks in this city. What type of tour are you looking for? No matter what type of vacation you are looking for, you can always enjoy it in Chennai.

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