Tamil Nadu Beaches

The east of Tamil Nadu is bordered by the Bay of Bengal and the southern tip of the state is lined with the Indian Ocean. Thus, you can find numerous beaches in the state. Every coastal area will have a couple of beaches where most of the tourist activities can be found. This article talks about the most famous beaches that you should not miss in Tamil Nadu.

Top Beaches in Tamil Nadu

Marina beach

Marina beach is located in Chennai. It is the world’s longest urban beach. All kinds of tourist activities can be found here. You can find a lot of shops that sell street food delicacies and sea food items. You can find small scale shops and a few water sports. A little away from the main part of the beach, you can find fishing spots. Many events and food festivals occur from time to time in this beach.

Covelong beach

If you are looking for turquoise water, golden sea sand and calm sea, Covelong beach is the right spot. This beach is located a little away from Chennai. This beach is best suited for those who want some leisure time. You cannot find a lot of tourist activities here but you can find many beach resorts. The place is extremely serene and a few luxury water sports can be found in association with the resorts. This beach had been the retreat place for the kings of ancient India. There are many churches, forts and mosques along the beach.

Kanyakumari beach

This is the southernmost tip of the country. The sea is tricoloured due to the varying depth of sea water. The beach is filled with coloured sand which is used for making decorative items. The shell, conch and sand are crafted into interesting handicraft items and are sold in the shops near the beach. You can find a lot of tourist activities here including a ferry or boat ride to Vivekananda memorial rock and Thiruvallur statue inside the sea. The Bhagavathi Amman temple is located very near the beach.

Rameshwaram beach

Rameshwaram is a pilgrim spot for Hindus. Apart from that, this place has a serene beach. This beach marks the southeast corner of the country. There are many temples near the beach. The most important one is the Ramanatha swamy temple of 12th century. The temple has 22 wells which are said to have medicinal water. If you are visiting Rameshwaram, you need to visit Dhanushkodi beach to see the Adam’s bridge. It is a chain of limestone that connects India with Sri Lanka and is submerged slightly into the ocean.


Pulicat beach is located outside Chennai. This beach is very famous for a small salt water lagoon which is a backwater of Bay of Bengal. The important aspect of this lagoon is that it attracts erotic fauna including migration birds. You can find a lot of exotic fishes and aquatic life here including mullets, catfish, green crab, jelly fish and others. The endangered and exotic green sea turtle can be found here. Another important aspect of this lagoon is birds. This lagoon has been a migration spot for many aquatic birds like greater flamingos, pelicans, spoonbills, painter storks, Eurasian wigeon, Caspian tern, sea eagle, peregrine falcons, egrets and others.

Beaches of Kurusadai islands

Kurusadai Islands are found near Rameshwaram. The beaches of these islands are haven for many endangered species. You can find dolphins and sea cows very commonly from these beaches. There are many coral reefs near these beaches which are raised above the sea level. These beaches are known for serenity and for photography. You cannot find any tourist activities here.

Muttukadu beach

Muttukadu is a serene and calm beach and backwater. The sunrise and sunset view from this beach is priceless. You can find a lot of tourists in this beach mainly for picnicking and romantic strolling. There are many beach resorts here. Fishing and wind surfing along with other tourist activities can be found here. The boat ride on the backwaters is an important romantic and family activity in this beach.

Mamallapuram or Mahabalipuram beach

Mahabalipuram is a heritage site near Chennai which is famous for ancient temples, sculptures, rock cut monuments and others. The most attractive element of this beach is the shore temple. Blue sea with golden sand is a picturesque spot. The sun rise and sunset would be a wonder as the sun rays reflect on the walls of the shore temple. There are a few tourist activities and water sports available in the beach.

Vattakotai beach

Vattakotai beach is located in Kanyakumari. It is a little away from the main beach of Kanyakumari. It is a solitary beach with calm waters. You can find a lot of coconut trees here. This beach is famous for the 18th century granite fort with a small river running by the side. Swimming is allowed in this beach but, the most common tourist activity is picnicking along with sightseeing.

Tuticorin beach

This beach is set in Gulf of Mannar. You can find a lot of pearl objects in the shops near the beach. This beach is famous for pearl harvesting. There is a shallow artificial harbour that is built to protect the land from water calamities. You can find a few tourist activities here but, the main attraction here is the pearls. Before you buy any costly pearl accessory, make sure whether it is an original pearl or imitation.
These are just the top beaches in the state. There are a lot of other bustling and solitary beaches in Tamil Nadu. If you are visiting any coastal city, make sure to give a visit to the beach and you would not be disappointed.

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