Best Time to Visit Udupi

  • Weather : Tropical
  • Summer : April-June (22 - 40 degree Celsius)      
  • Monsoon : July-September (3575 mm average rainfall)
  • Winter :  October-March (10- 32 degree Celsius)
  • Best time to visit: Oct – March

Udupi Also known as Odipu, Udupi is a city in the Indian state of Karnataka and a pilgrimage center, known as temple town. It is famous for its temples (well-known for Krishna temple) and its cuisine. The best time to step in Udupi is during the monsoon season and winter season where the average rate of visitors visiting per year is higher.

  • Summers in Udupi  

    Summers are usually hot and humid in Udupi and arrives with the month of March and ends with the month of May. Since the temperature goes beyond 40 degree Celsius, tourists avoid visiting Udupi. It is recommended to wear light clothing during summers. 

  • Monsoons in Udupi  

    The monsoon period starts from the month of June and lasts till the month of September. This time period is often considered to be the best time to visit Udupi as the visitors get to enjoy the greenery of this city and explore a bit more of it. Average rainfall is measured around 4000mm every year and during the month of September, monsoon season receives rainfall with heavy wind.

  • Winters in Udupi

    Generally, winters are mostly preferred to visit Udupi. Winters are chilly, serene and the best season to walk in. Winters arrive with the arrival of the month of December and remains till the month of February. The temperature ranges from 10 degree Celsius to 32 degree Celsius approximately. Winters experience one of the most pleasant weathers.