Best Time to Visit in Mangalore

  • Weather : Dry & Hot
  • Summer : April-June (21 – 39 degree Celsius)
  • Monsoon : July-September (3783 mm average rainfall)
  • Winter :  October-March (17 - 34 degree Celsius)
  • Best time to visit : Sept – Feb

Mangalore being an Arabian Sea port and industrially advanced center, Mangalore is a major tourist attraction in the southern state of Karnataka, India. The best time to visit Mangalore is from the month of September to the month of February.

  • Summers in Mangalore

    The summer season is hot and humid. The maximum temperature goes above 39 degrees. Summers arrive with the advent of March and stay till the month of May and the season isn’t recommended for tourism as day time can be highly scorching and irritating. However, then nights have a little chilly impact on the climate. By far, summers are not at all pleasing for the people intending to enjoy their holidays.

  • Monsoons in Mangalore

    Rainfalls are usually heavy and strong in Mangalore. Monsoon arrives with June and remains with the month of September. Average rainfall is 100 cm. The months of July and August entertains the heaviest rain fall, making it a little bit less comfortable for the tourists. However the temperature decreases in compare to the summer season, but the visitors avoid visiting in July and August.


  • Winters in Mangalore

    December brings the winter season along with it and remains till the month of =February. The weather is almost pleasant during the winters and it is recommended to visit Mangalore during this season only. The city enjoys less clamminess and cool days. The highest temperature goes about 34 degrees and the lowest is 20 degrees. This is the best time to visit Mangalore due to the beauty of the city.