Best Time to Visit Hubli

  • Weather : Wet & Dry
  • Summer : April-June (39 degree Celsius)  
  • Monsoon : July-September (838 mm average rainfall)
  • Winter :  October-March (16 degree Celsius)
  • Best time to visit : October-March

Hubli- Officially known as Hubbali, Hubli is the largest city in the state of Karnataka after Bangalore. Hubli is widely popular for its commercially trading centre that attracts tourists from all over the world. Precisely, Hubli has a stifling wet and dry climate. The best season to visit Hubli is during the rainy season.   

    • Summers in Hubli

      This season is usually very hot and humid in Hubli. Summers are tropically wet and dry. Summer season starts from the month of February and lasts till the month of June. Generally, tourists avoid visiting Hubli during this season. The maximum temperature in summers goes even beyond 39 degrees Celsius and the minimum temperature is measured around 22 degrees Celsius.


    • Monsoons in Hubli

      After the scorching summer season, there comes the monsoon. Rainy season is considered to be an ideal time for planning a trip to Hubli. Monsoon is pleasurable, amusable and dripping. The temperature during rainy season is moderate and comes up with a huge amount of precipitations. Monsoon stays from the month of July to September.

    • Winters in Hubli

      The winter season enjoys fairly moderate climate with a temperature of 16 degree Celsius. Winters are chilly, serene and pleasant. The time span of October to January is considered to be the best time for traveling to Hubli. People are advised to carry woolen clothes with them while traveling.