Best Places to Visit in Hospet

With the availability of various monuments, temples and thick forest in or around this city offer ample of sights to discover throughout year, here’s the list of some of the best places that must include in your Hospet itinerary.

Virupaksha Temple

Get ready to religious fervour at most sacred “Virupaksha Temple” dedicated to Lord Virupaksha (an avatar of Lord Shiva). Here you can’t see the height of 50 meters idol but its stone carvings,structure, artistic elements and aestheticsis larger than life in size.

Tungabhadra Dam

One of the biggest dams in Karnataka “Tungabhadra Dam” offers not only breath-taking view but its musical fountain,Japanese garden on foot and various species of fish and other aquatic animals make not to be missed spot of Hospet.

Queen's Bath

Encircled between gallery, verandas and overhanging Rajasthani balconies, “Queen's Bath” also known as Stepped Bath spreads over an area of 15 m has a wonderful architectural structure of Hospet.

Lotus Mahal

A beautiful arena or royal place for yester queen to take rest “Lotus Mahal” has two-storey structure with an open base floor and upper floor featuring balcony and arched windows are aperfect marvel of Hindu and Islamic styles of architecture.

Vittala Temple

Want to see old architecture and wonder without tools, visit “Vittala Temple” dedicated to Lord Vittala, this temple not houses beautiful sculptures of Varaha but its fifty-six musical pillars that produce sound when struck and astonishing history, science, architecture and everything amazed you.

Other Attractions

Some of the interesting places in or around Hospet that you can explore on your trip are mentioned below:Royal Palace, The Archaeological Museum, Chakra Vana, Nandanavana Park,Shri Ramulu Park, Sundha Mataji Temple,Mallika Arjuna Temple, Markandeshwara Temple, Neelkantheshwer Swami Temple, Omkareshwara Temple, Shivlingeshwara Temple, Sri Shanishwera Devsthan, Sri Venkateshwara Temple, Kanive Veerbhadreshwara Temple and Hanuman Temple.

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