Best Time to Visit Hassan

  • Weather: Dry & Hot
  • Summer: April-June (20– 35 degree Celsius)     
  • Monsoon: July-September (806 mm average rainfall)
  • Winter:  October-March (14 - 33 degree Celsius)
  • Best time to visit: Oct – March

Hassan- Named after the Hasanamba temple, Hassan is a city in the Indian state of Karnataka. The climate of Hassan comes under tropical savanna climates that have a general temperature above 18 degrees. The best time to visit Hassan is from November to February.

  • Summers in Hassan

    Usually, summer season is warm in Hassan, neither clammy nor scorching. The maximum temperature is measured as 35 degrees and the minimum temperature ranges between 18 degrees to degrees. April is considered to be the hottest month in the season. However the atmosphere is always pleasant, so you can tour Hassan at any time of the year.

  • Monsoons in Hassan

    Monsoon in south India arrives early that makes people enjoy a plethora of heavy rainfall during the rainy season. Monsoon arrives with the month of July and stays till September. Average rainfall is measured to be around 700 mm. The weather is a bit chilly and serene with greenery all over the place.

  • Winters in Hassan

    The winter season is the most pleasant season of the year in south India. The maximum temperature is recorded as 33 degrees and the minimum temperature is 14 degrees. Winter season is the best time to visit Hassan. Winter season arrives with the arrival of the month of October and stays till February.