Karnataka Tourist Destination

One of the third most popular states in the country for tourism “Karnataka” bordered by Maharashtra and Goa in north, Andhra Pradesh on east and Tamil Nadu and Kerala on south is a land that’s got the versatility to satisfy all tourists from wildlife enthusiasts to history buffs, fearless traveller to wanderlust struck and historic lovers to sun ‘n’ sand worshipper. So what are you thinking, a fascinating state blessed with leading combination of urban cool, royal palaces, national parks, ancient ruins, beaches, yoga centres and legendary hang-outs awaits you.

Here, where landing in a progressive city or the capital “Bengaluru (Bangalore)” gives you an interesting mix of well-planned infrastructure and scenic landscapes, while moving to “Mysore” will dazzle you with some historical, cultural and natural treasures of India. Not only these, fine rock cut temples, fabulous stone sculpted buildings of Chalukyan rule and ruins of realms that long gone in Hampi, Halebid, Bidar, Bijapur and Badami offer you first-hand information about glorious history and cultural heritage of India with fascinating surprises.

If the cultural legacy gets a little bit more challenging, then don’t worry fall out in the green wilds of “Bandipur” and “Nagarhole”, or make your way to bliss on the golden sands of “Gokarna”. Last but not least, if you think that this is it, so you are wrong, apart from this there are many sightseeing places in Karnataka that will offer you a complete package.