Best Time to Visit Bijapur

  • Weather : Dry Hot
  • Summer : April-June (33-43 degree Celsius)
  • Monsoon : July-September (654 mm average rainfall)
  • Winter :  October-March (15-30 degree Celsius)
  • Best time to visit : Oct – March

Bijapur Also known as Vijayapura, Bijapur is a district in the Indian state of Karnataka.  It is best known for its mesmerizing historical monuments. Bijapur is a land of five rivers and people from all over the country and the whole world visit the place at least once a year. Bijapur has a semi-dry climate with a middling altitude of 606 meters.  The climate is by and large dry and vibrant.

  • Summers in Bijapur

    The month of April welcome the summer season and it lasts till the month of May. The temperature  stays in between 40 degree Celsius and 42 degree Celsius only. Summers are extremely warm and humid. This makes the visitors avoid visiting Bijapur during this season. However, it is recommended to wear light clothes during summers.

  • Monsoons in Bijapur

    Rainy season in Bijapur arrives with the month of June and remains till September to October. Bijapur has about 34 rain estimate posts. Average rainfall is measured around 552.8 mm with 37.2 days estimated. Monsoon season is one of the best times to visit the district. Rainfall is generally gentle to moderate during September.

  • Winters in Bijapur

    The commencement of winters is around the month of November and stays till February. Temperature during winters is measured around 20 degrees Celsius to 30 degree Celsius. Winters are highly recommended to visit due to its pleasant weather and the perfect time to visit the historical monuments. Since winters are not much cold, it is advised to wear light woolen clothes.