Best Places to Visit in Bijapur

“Bijapur” a quaint old city dotted with many architectural marvels, palaces, tombs, mosques among other things thatwill take you back in time. Here’s the list of the places that you must explore in the ancient and historical Bijapur city tour.

Gol Gumbaz

The second largest dome in the world, “Gol Gumbaz” is not to be missed site in Bijapur. Its massively spread out floor area (1700 sqm), tall tiered octagonal towers,central dome that stands without the support of pillars and whispering gallery are distinct features that contribute to its popularity. Present day the building (museum) in front of the edifice enrich you with the rich past of Adil Shah Dynasty.

Ibrahim Rauza

Splashed with Persian Muslim architecture, mesmerizing sculptures, marvellous minarets and gateways and beautiful adornments(various stone awnings and decorative windows and arches) “Ibrahim Rauza” will grab your eyeballs from the first instant.


The world hugest medieval bell metal gun “Malik-e-Maiden” with 14 ft. long, weighing 55 tons is notable for some unique feature,its believe that if you touch the gun and make a wish, it will come true and another it is cool to touch even in the summer seasons and when tapped gently it tickles softly like a bell.

Jumma Masjid

Displaying immaculate interiors (crafted and decorated with various paintings and murals), “Jumma Masjid” will give you great insights into Islamic culture and religious values.

Gagan Mahal

With its brilliant Tudor architecture design, complex artefacts, beautiful windows and small attractive galleries “Gagan Mahal” is a must visit in Bijapur.

Other Attractions

Some of the interesting places in or near Bijapur that you can visit on your trip are mentioned below: Almatti Dam, Barah kaman, Shivgiri Temple, Uppali Buruz, The Archaeological Musuem, Narasimha Swamy Temple, Mithari and Asar Mahals, Jod Gumbaz, The Citadel, Sangeeta Mahal, Sath Kabar, Afzal Khan Cenotaph, Jala Manzil, Taj Bawdi, Indravati National Park, Galaganatha Temple, Pangarh Fort, Sherza Burj and Bhairamgarh Sanctuary.

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