Best Time to Visit Bangalore

  • Weather : Equitable
  • Summer :  March -J une (20 - 37 degree Celsius)
  • Monsoon : July - September (550 mm average rainfall)
  • Winter :  October-Feb (15 - 27 degree Celsius)
  • Best time to visit : Sept – Feb

Bangalore one of the most progressive and developed cities in India, Bangalore is the capital of Karnataka with a population of about 8.42 billion. Every year, a large number of tourists pay a visit to this magnificent city at any time due to its moderate climate. The time span in between the mont of September to February welcome a huge amount of tourist into the city due to the pleasant weather. 

    • Winters in Bangalore

      The best time to visit the city are the winter months, i.e., from October to February. The lowest temperature during these months is merely 10 degrees. Bangalore has got a number of lakes and gardens to visit. Winter season experiences the most comfortable sightseeing and outdoor activities. Since winters are not much chilly, you need not to carry heavy woolens but a simple light jacket would do.

    • Summers in Bangalore

      Another time period after winters that is worth visiting Bangalore is from March to May where the temperature is usually not more than 36 degrees. The temperature remains in the same circle even in the hottest of the months due to the moderate climate making it perfect to visit and enjoy the outdoor activities in the summer season.

    • Monsoons in Bangalore

      The third span of the year is from the months of June to September. This is the time when monsoons arrive with the end of May. Monsoons in India come with gentle to heavy rainfall. Visitors experience an intense rainfall during the months of August and September but that is never sure. So, you can plan your trip.