Best Time to Visit Badami

  • Weather : Dry & Hot
  • Summer : April-June [22 – 40 degree Celsius]
  • Monsoon : July-September [603 mm average rainfall]
  • Winter :  October-March [12 - 35 degree Celsius]
  • Best time to visit : Sept – Feb

Badami - Located in the Bagalkot district of Karnataka, Badami is widely popular for its rock-cut temples and outdoor activities like rock climbing, trekking and traveling around caves. The weather of Badami upholds the homeostasis due to the moment the season changes. The best time to visit Badami is considered to be around September to February.

  • Summers in Badami

    Summers are basically sweltering with humidity at its peak because Badami is very distant from the sea. The temperature is measured around 40 degrees to 30 degrees where the highest temperature goes beyond 42 degrees. Summers are usually not recommended to be visited. However, visitors can visit Badami in summers in the months of March-May.

  • Monsoons in Badami

    The arrival of monsoon brings a heavy rainfall in Badami. The commencement of rainy season is around the month of July and it remains till the month of August. The temperature during the rainy season is fine and tranquil and it varies from 25 degrees to 37 degrees. The time period of July to September is considered to be the best time period to visit Badami. 

  • Winters in Badami

    The winter season in Badami is often considered to be  comfortable. It is not at all glacial or clammy either. Drops of dew and misty winds are considered to be a bonus point for the season. The temperature goes beyond 10 degrees and can even fall down to 7 degrees during the nights. The time span from November to February is recommended to visit Badami .