Best Places to Visit in Badami

Renowned for its rock-cut caves, graceful sculpture,fine paintings and architectural monuments, “Badami” an old glory is blessed with some amazing historical sites of ancient Indian History. Here's a list of some of the best places to visit in and around Badami:

Badami Cave Temples

Rekindle your faith with the hilly beautiful environs of the “Badami Cave Temples”,of the four main cave temples, three are dedicated to Lord Shiva,Vishnu and Buddha while the last has stone reliefs of Jain tirthankaras “Lord Mahavira” in his famous posture i.e. sitting and meditating. No doubt, its elaborate architecture, beautiful designs, inner carvings and pictures of mythological events on walls will take away the breath of everyvisitor.

Badami Fort

A regal structure renowned for its quaint location, surrounding areas, two shivalayas (the upper dedicated to lord Shiva and the lower to lord Ganesha), old canon in courtyard and also a watchtower nearby make worth your visit.

Agasthya Lake

Get ready to explore apicturesque water body which considered holy due to the healing powers of its water.

Archaeological Museum

Consisting of four galleries including the two open-air galleries has exhibits various ranging from mythological to prehistoric times. So get ready to learn about ancient sculptures, inscriptions, pre-historic stone implements, hero stones, etc. at Archaeological Museum.

Bhutnatha Temple

Discover the perfect blend of north Indian and early south Indian styles of temple architecture at Bhutnatha temple dedicated to Lord Shiva’s avatar Bhoothanatha.

Other Attractions

Some of the interesting places in or around Badami that you can visit are Mallikarjuna Temple, Pattadakal, Aihole and Basavana Bagevadi.

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