Wildlife Adventure Kerala – Be at Parambikulam Tiger Reserve

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India is known for its rich flora and fauna and the tigers are one of the treasures that the country has.And the Kerala adventurous wildlife tourism is famous in worldwide.The Parambikulam Tiger Reserve is famous for its high population of tigers. It is a beautiful tiger reserve at the backdrop of the beautiful South Western Ghats. The reserve is nestled between the Anamalai and Nelliampathy hills and hence soothes your eyes with its spawling greenery.

The famous peaks of the region are Karimala Gopuram in the south, 1438m altitude; Pandaravarai in the north, 1,290m high, Vengolimala in the east, 1120m height and Puliyarapadam, 1010m high. Vengolimala is visited by travelers to check out the rare species of NilgiriTahr. Karimala offers a breathtaking view of the Thunakadavu and Parambikulam reservoirs.


This forest region was entitled as a tiger reserve in 2009. It is located at the Palakkad district of Kerala. There is a watch tower here from where you can get a panoramic view of the rivers and lush green valleys.


Besides the tigers, you can also visit the teak plantations of the forest. Parambikulam is the first place in the world where teak plantations grew up scientifically. It also has the oldest and tallest teak tree of the world. It is believed to be 350 years old and has a height of 40 meters and a girth of 6.4 meters; this is a sacred tree to the tribal living here and regular worships take place.


The Parambikulam Tiger Reserve is one of the most well protected tiger reserves of the country, sprawling over a massive 643.66 sq. km. The woods are also known for its sly leopards, cool elephants and fresh crocodiles. As per a recent survey, the forest has 36 tigers, 16 types of amphibians, 61 kinds of reptiles, 47 species of fish, 1000 species of insects and 124 species of butterflies. Along with this, 250 species of colorful birds greet you in the forest with their joyous chirps. Some of the rare species of Grey head Fishing Eagle, the Peninsular Bay Owl, the Nilgiri Wood Pigeon, the Black-capped Kingfisher, the Great Black Woodpecker and the Lesser Grey-headed Fish Eagle are found here.


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