Ten Romantic Hill Stations in South India

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Are you planning a romantic vacation in South India? There are a lot of different attractions that you ought to enjoy with your special one here. The best of all is the wide range of hill stations that you can find here. There are numerous hill stations with varying activities for you in South India. This article picks the top ten attractive hill stations of South India for your vacation.


May it be the best hill stations of the country as a whole or the best hill station of South India, Munnar will hold the first place. Munnar is located in Kerala. It is the top romantic hill station in the country. It is located at the height of 6000 feet above sea level. Top attractions in Munnar include trekking, wildlife attraction, tea plantation strolling, Mattupetty dam walk, Kundala Lake, tea museum, boating and many others. There are a lot of natural and man-made attractions here for honeymoon travellers. The best honeymoon activity in Munnar is a stroll through any tea plantation during a foggy morning.

Munnar Hill Station

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This is the queen of hill stations in Tamil Nadu. Every year thousands of people visit this place just for romantic vacation. Top romantic activities in Ooty include enjoying toy train, strolling through grasslands or tea gardens, boating, picnicking in pine forest, sightseeing and visiting botanical garden. There are a lot of small hill stations around Ooty like Conoor, Kotagiri and others.

Ooty Hill Station


Kodaikanal is an important tourist attraction located in Tamil Nadu. A lot of couples choose this hill station for their romantic vacation. Top romantic activities in Kodaikanal include boating in Kodai Lake, stroll in Green Valley, botanical garden visit, sightseeing at Dolphin Nose and other attraction. This is a unique tropical hill station with thick forest, eucalyptus trees and orchids. You can have a lot of romantic moments in this hill station.

Kodaikanal Hills

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Araku hills and valley are important tourist destinations in Vishakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. There are a lot of scenic places for sightseeing and other attractions. The most romantic part of this place is the foggy climate. The chillness in the air is present throughout the day and it is best suited for romantic couples. Boating is another important attraction here. Though the whole state has a very hot climate, this hill station would have a cool and pleasant environment. You can find interesting flora and fauna in this location.

Araku Valley


If you are fed up of the cliché hill station, this is a famous wildlife attraction hill station in Tamil Nadu. The best way to enjoy this attraction is by taking up a cab from Coimbatore to this hill station. It would take a few hours of driving to reach this place, but, the travel would be interesting and beautiful. You can enjoy the elephant camp here where you can bathe, play and even feed the elephants. You can ride on them too. There is a wildlife sanctuary where you can enjoy safaris on jeep or elephant. There are also spots for bird watching. Trekking is another attraction here.

Topslip Wildlife


There are numerous hill stations in Karnataka but, the best of all is Coorg. It is located near Mysore and is one of the top honeymoon destinations of Karnataka. Top romantic activities in Coorg include sightseeing, stroll through coffee plantation, and safari at any sanctuary, playing with elephants in Dubare elephant camp, rafting, picnicking, trekking and others. Top places to visit for some romantic time are Tadiyandamol Peak, Nagarhole, Mallali falls, Barapole River and many others. This place is filled with scenic places that attract thousands of romantic travellers, every year.



Chikmagalur is another hill station in Karnataka. It might not be as famous as Coorg among tourists but, it is the highest hill station in the state. Thus, the place will be very cold suiting romantic visitors. Top romantic activities of this hill station are boating, strolling in coffee estates, exploring cakes, trekking, sightseeing and picnics. Top places to visit for some romantic time are Baba Budangiri, Mullayanagiri peak, Yagachi River, Manikya Dhara falls and Kemmangundi.

Chikmagalur Hill

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Biligiri Ranga Hills

Are you fed up of hill stations with just sightseeing and boating? Here is a unique hill station in Karnataka. Biligiri Ranga hill is not just an ordinary hill station. This is the hill station that connects the mighty Western and Eastern Ghats together. You can find a lot of wildlife attractions here. Top attractions include safari in Kattari Betta wildlife sanctuary.  Other important activities in this area are boating, angling, rafting, sightseeing, and watching tribal dance, elephant safari and coracle boat riding.

Biligiri Ranga Hills

Male Mahadeshwara Betta Hills

This is a small hill station that is suited for honeymooners who want some lone places to enjoy. This hill station is filled with thick forests and temples. You can find a few adventure visitors every now and then. Thus, you can enjoy free time with your special ones. There are a lot of scenic places to enjoy picnic and other attractions. Top romantic activity include bathing in a stream near the ancient temple of Seri Male Mahadeshwara (the place gets its name from this temple), picnic at Hogenakkal waterfalls and sightseeing. If you are adventure lovers, you can trek through the forest but, it is for only experienced trekkers.

Hogenakkal waterfalls


Yelagiri is located in Tamil Nadu. It is a cluster of hamlets and a famous hill station for romantic travellers. The top romantic activities include strolling through orchids or plantation, driving from one hamlet to another on a foggy morning, paragliding, boating, sightseeing and others. There are a lot of natural attractions like waterfalls, lakes, hills and forests here. This hill station is not just for romantic travellers. This is a fit-all package for your whole family.

Yelagiri Hill Stations

There are a lot of other small and major hill stations in South India. Each hill station is famous for a set of activities. Though they are located very close to each other, many characteristics of each destination varies. So, surf in detail about the hill station before visiting.

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