Top Ten Hidden Attractions in South India

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Not all beautiful places are very popular tourist attractions. There are many paradises in South India that get overlooked because of some very famous attraction nearby. This article will bring out ten hidden attractions that are found in South India.

#1. Belum caves

This is a beautiful sepia mode cave that you can find in Karnataka. Those who love exploring and adventure activities can enjoy this cave. This is the second longest cave in the country and there is a waterfall at the end of the cave. It is a historically rich place.

Belum caves

#2. St. Mary’s church

A little away from Maple Beach of Udupi, there is a small church in Arabian sea. The boat ride would cost you around 200 INR. This church has a tower from which you can enjoy the view of the sea. Do not expect beach or seashells around this area. It is a small area with a church and a tower.

St. Mary Church

#3. Gandikota

It is a 13th century fort that was built near Pennar River, Andhra Pradesh. This area is surrounded by Eramalahlls. This is called as the Grand Canyon of India. There are numerous attractions like the fort, a temple, gorge point and many scenic places. The gorge is the main attraction here. The river flows for 300 feet and this is one of the most unusual places that you can find in India.


#4. Shivgange

It is an unusual temple. You need to climb a long and steep set of stairs to reach the top of a small hill where a single statue of cow (nandi) is present. You can get sugarcane juice and buttermilk nearby. The view from this area is mind-blowing.


#5. Araku Valley

Araku is a small hill station in Andhra Pradesh. If you love chocolate and coffee, you ought to visit this place. It is a small area and you can explore the whole place in one day. There is a railway line that would take you on a mesmerizing trip. There are plantations, museums, hill peak, caves, viewpoints and many others.

Araku Valley

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#6. Papi hills

Papi hills is located in Andhra Pradesh. This is a great place to catch sunrise. You can enjoy boating here. It is a good place for photography too. The view from this mountain is priceless. You need to travel in a boat to catch sunrise from the waters. It is a romantic spot for young travelers.

Papi Hills

#7. Ponmudi hills

It is a small hill station in Kerala. If you are looking for a place to spend couple of days, this is the right place. The place goes to evening mode by two in the afternoon. It is a good place for trekking, picnic, romantic getaways and also photography. It is a misty and cool place that suits honeymooners.

Ponmudi Hills

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#8. Varkala

It is a small beach in Kerala. It is one of the top ten beaches of the state. It is always less crowded as there are no water based activities here. There is a hill near the beach. People get to the top of the hill for sightseeing and photography. This place is for hammock picnic and family time. You can have a lazy afternoon in this beach as you would be very far from the hustles of tourism.


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#9. Hognekkal falls

It is an interesting waterfall in Karnataka. You ought to enjoy rafting and boating in this area. Photographers can go crazy here. This place is famous for all kinds of water based activities. It is a relaxing spot and the best place to enjoy some adrenaline rush.

Hognekkal falls

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#10. Skandagiri hills

It is a small hill station that is known or trekking, sightseeing and adventure activities. This place has viewpoints to enjoy sunrise and you can walk amidst clouds. It is very much away from city life and you can enjoy a nature filled vacation here.

Skandagiri hills

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These are not the only hidden jewels of South India. There are a lot of places that are least visited and if you are up for some exploration time, this is the right season. The tourism season starts in October and ends by March in India.

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