Top Festivals to Look Out in Tamil Nadu

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The best time to enjoy the culture and true colour of India is the festival time. Each festival has unique celebrations with exciting attractions which include fair, local games, interesting customs and so on. If you are planning to visit Tamil Nadu during any festival, here are the top festivals to choose.


This is the harvest festival of Tamil Nadu that is celebrated for four days. The celebration starts from the evening of 13th of January and ends on 16th. You ought to enjoy the sweet rice porridge made during this festival. This dish also has the same name, Pongal. The first celebration is a tribute to Sun God. You can find people cooking this dish in front of their house in earthen pots. The second attraction is the cow festival in which cows are decorated with colour powders and flowers. You can find bull fights in which young men try to fight with ferocious bulls. The last day is for outing. People take up small one-day Tamil Nadu trips with families. All tourist destinations would be very crowded during this day.


Tamil New Year

Tamil New Year falls on 14th of April. You can find interesting arts made with rice powder and colour powder in front of every house. Mangoes are very common during this season and in many regions of Tamil Nadu, you can find Manga pachadi, a sweet-sour dish of mango. You can find many dance performances, exhibitions and fairs around the state during this festival.


Dance festival of Natyanjali

This is exactly what it means. It is a festival of dance celebrated in Chidambaram. If you are a lover of Bharatanatyam, the traditional dance of Tamil Nadu, you ought to visit Chidambaram during this festival. Hundreds of dancers from around the state and different parts of the country visit the Natarajar Temple of Chidambaram. You can also find dances of other states performed here by professionals. It is celebrated in February or March. The celebrations are carried out for five days from the day of Maha Sivaratiri during which people stay awake the whole night, singing and dancing the praises of God.



This is a South Indian festival that is celebrated once in 12 years. The last Mahamaham attracted millions of people to Kumbakonam and it became a Guinness book record for the highest number of people accumulated in an area. The mass was even seen from satellite. Fairs, shops and exhibitions are very common around Mahamaham tank in Kumbakonam where people come to take a holy dip. The festival is celebrated in February or March. If you are not a crowd-person, you might want to skip this celebration.



Thiruvaiyaru festival

This is a festival of music celebrated in Thiruvaiyaru, a small district in Tanjore. This festival is celebrated in the month of January. The festival is held in the mausoleum of Thyagaraja bagavathar. Interesting rituals and performances would be conducted followed by a chorus performance by hundreds of people from different parts of the state including celebrity singers and play back singers. This festival is also celebrated in many other international destinations.


Karthigai deepam

This festival is for lights.Each house in the state would be decorated with small oil lamps. This is celebrated in November or December according to Tamil calendar. This festival is also famous for kolukattai, a sweet dish made with jiggery and coconut. It is very similar to sweet momos. Thiruvanamalai hills will be very crowded during this festival. A very large lamp with litres and litres of oil is lit for ten days. Many fairs are conducted during this festival.


Apart from these, you can find many other festivals like diwali, Thaipusam in this South India.


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