Top 5 Sea Beaches in India you should must Visit

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Beaches are one of the best places to enjoy the beauty of nature. Here the wild waves kiss your feet and the warm sand frees you from stress. a holiday at a sea beach is a true vacation far from the maddening crowd. Let us checkout some of the sea beaches that you may visit.

#1. Kanyakumari Beach

Have you even seen three oceans unite together? If not, visit Kanyakumari beach, located at the edge of the Indian Territory. Also known as Cape Comorin, this beach is a fusion of Bay of Bengal, Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean. Besides the spellbinding beauty of the waters, it is also a pilgrimage with the presence of the Vivekananda Rock and the Kanyakumari temple. It is believed that Swami Vivekananda attained his enlightenment here.

When to visit?

November to March


#2. Puri Beach

Located at the state of Orissa, Puri is one of the most popular tourist destinations of India. Wake up before sunrise and visit the beach to witness one of the most mesmerizing sunrise of your life. As the sky plays with colours and the deep blue waters get a golden hue with the sun rays falling on it, it feels like eternity within your reach. Puri is also a pilgrimage with the presence of the Jagannatha Temple. It is believed that you can get your wishes fulfilled here.

When to visit? 

November to February. You may also want to attain the Ratha Yatra festival; one of the biggest festivals of the country. This takes place during June or July.


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#3. Vagator Beach

Goa is known for its exotic beaches and Vagator beach is one of these. The beach is a favourite among the tourists due to the spectacular sunrise and sunset view. This is a rocky beach and you can stand on the high rocks to get a breathtaking sunrise. As the tidal waves splashes the sand, boost your adrenaline with water sports and paragliding.

When to visit?

November to March


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#4. Varkala Beach

Papanasam, meaning washing away sins is the other name of the Varkala Beach, located at Trivandrum. The place compliments its name with its soulful nature. Witness a orange sky during sunrise lying above the deep blue waters of the Arabian Sea. Relax under the shadows of palm and coconut trees over the brown sand of Varkala, to rediscover yourself.

When to visit?

Monsoons, that is June or July is the best time to visit Varkala Beach. As the rain drops touches the wild sea, nature seems to be in a different mood.


Varkala Beach

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#5. Radhanagar Beach

Known to be one of the most beautiful beaches of Asia, the Radhanagar Beach of Andaman lures the nature lovers. The white sand stretch of the Havelock Island with the blue turquoise waters of the sea is a photographer’s paradise. If you are looking for a honeymoon destination, this pristine beach is an idle spot to know each other.

When to visit?

November to March

Radhanagar Beach

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It is just not the sun, sea and the sand that makes you happy at a sea beach. It is the lovely vibe of the beaches that makes life happier here. Get cosy with your loved ones, see your kid laugh, watch your parents soak the warmth of the sun at sea beaches of India.

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