Top 5 Famous Festivals of South India

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India’s culture can be best enjoyed during festivals. This is when people get out of their modern comfort and embrace the ancient customs and traditions of the land. Festival is the time when you can find interesting special delicacies, awe-inspiring dressing customs, one-of-a-kind performances, temples with wonderful decorations and many more. Here are the top five festivals of South India.

#1. Pongal

Pongal is the harvest festival which is celebrated throughout the country. Pongal is very grandly celebrated in Tamil Nadu. It is a four days’ festival. The first day is Bogi in which people make bonfires in front of their houses using old things. They celebrate around the fire. The second day is the harvest day where a delicacy named Pongal is cooked in earthen pots when the sun rises. Sugarcane, turmeric and other items are also presented to the sun God. The third day is the day for cows. Bulls and cows are decorated with colour powder and flowers. You can also find bull fights at various places. The final day is for outing. People take up small trips and enjoy picnic.


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#2. Onam

Onam is the Kerala’s New Year. It is the harvest festival and the people worship this festival as a thanks to the rain and sun for the harvest. This festival is celebrated for ten days. During these ten days, each house will have a flower decoration in front and the house will be decorated with palm leaves. You can find attractive kathakali performances in many palaces.


#3. Karthigai deepam

This is a festival of Tamil Nadu. People decorate their houses with numerous small oil lamps. The whole state would look enchanting by evening. This is considered as one of the oldest tradition of South Indians. It is also called as the festival of lights and is seen as an extended version of Diwali. This festival is celebrated as Brahmotsav for ten days. The Thiruvannamalai temple of Lord Shiva is the best place to celebrate this festival. Interesting rituals will be conducted and a very large oil lamp will be let to glow for ten days.

Karthigai deepam

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#4. Thai poosam

This is a ritual filled festival of Tamil Nadu. This is one of the oldest festivals of the country. This festival is celebrated for nine days and people would take up walking trips to nearest Murugan temple by bearing needles through their body, hooks or even with small sticks punctured through their tongue. The houses will be decorated with colourful rangolis. The parade to temple is an interesting and important element of this festival.

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#5. Nehru trophy boat race

This is an important festival of Kerala. It is also an important tourist attraction. Numerous local and international tourists enjoy this boat race. This race takes place in the backwaters of Alleppey. Snake boats with fifty people in it will race with each other. The claps and boat rhymes will fill the area. It is an interesting activity that is enjoyed by all in the state. This boat race occurs on the second Saturday of August, every year.


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These are not the only festivals of South India. Other top festivals are Ugadi, Diwali. Hampi festival, Dusshera and many others. These festivals are the time occasions to visit the land for an extraordinary vacation.

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