Top 4 Ultimate Things to Do in Hampi

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Hampi is the land of ancient ruins and a few temples in Karnataka. A lot of people visit this place for exploration, photography and sightseeing. There are a lot of tourist activities and things to do that you should enjoy in Hampi.

Sightseeing Around Hampi

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There are a lot of temples and ruins for you to enjoy sightseeing, exploring and clicking pictures. If you take a whole trip around Karnataka through every ruin and temple in this place, it would take a complete day. The towering temples and rocks from grainy sand grounds make an exciting view to watch. Photography is an important activity here. Usually Hampi in monsoon would be wonderful for pictures as the place would look very fresh with recent rainfall.

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Riding the water taxi

On the river in Hampi, hire a water taxi. Take a ride to the other side of the river, Anegundi. The ride would be mesmerizing. Moreover, on the other side, you can find a lot of cultural and traditional activities like drum circle, dread locking and many others. If you wish, you can hire a fishing boat and take a ride on it on the river. The circular boat ride is a unique experience here. You can also enjoy fishing, if possible. Cliff jumping into the lake is a common adventure activity here. Make sure to know where people using enjoy this activity to avoid too shallow waters.

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Stay in guesthouse in paddy fields

You can find a lot of paddy fields here and there are a few guesthouses in the middle of the fields. You ought to stay a day in those guesthouses and enjoy the sunset from the paddy fields. Find a room with swinging porch bed to enjoy the sunset from. There are a lot of luxury options too but, it is a unique experience to enjoy paddy fields. If you are ready to stay a little away, you can choose numerous resorts and luxury places. But, Hampi is almost in the middle of nowhere and you ought to enjoy the village life for a change.middle of the fields-guesthouse

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Cycling or biking

Rent a cycle or bike and ride through the reservoirs. The winding paths would be wonderful for riding and it is the best for those who want to photograph the local life of the village.

cycling in hampi

There are a lot of other activities to enjoy here like getting blessed by the temple elephant, picnic at Lotus Mahal and others. You can also take a day trip to Aihole or Pattadakal from Hampi.

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