The Insider’s Guide of Nandi Hills

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Nandi Hills is situated about 75km from Bangalore town, in the Karnataka state of India. If you visit this wonderful hilltop, you will always want to come back. The main destinations in Nandi Hills are its peaceful natural charm and the wonderful views of the valleys around the hill.

This is a cost-effective honeymoon vacation place to go for those who think it is not sensible to invest a lot of money visiting unique locations for a honeymoon tour. It’s indeed an area to chill out yourself or connect with your family members.

Nandi Hills are one the best weekend locations to get away from the busyness of Bangalore town.

Nandi Hills Bangalore

Tourists Attractions in Nandi Hills

The hills are a part of Hindu myth enclosed in the presence of Characteristics and unfazed trust in heavenly. Three waterways streaming from one place to the other, green forest, remains of a fort and some other factors makes the position place of summer months respite and as an awesome reason to take a rest.

Now a well-known vacation spot, Nandi Hills also has a lawn which is designed by the state Farming Division. Moreover, there are numerous locations worth seeing which not only have traditional significance, but are also of excellent social value.

  • Tippu’s Drop: Tippu Sultan was a Mughal King, who used to provide the loss of life charge by tossing his criticised criminals from this spot.
  • Tippu’s Palace: This was the summer residence of the Mughal master Tippu sultan and is still unchanged. However, visitors or tourists not permitted inside but the elegance with the palace can be experienced by taking in glimpses of this structure from outside or through various artwork and sketches which can be found online.
  • The Nandi Temple – The temple is older by more than million years, but still has the creative work in chiselling of metal and rock, much valued by the lovers and enthusiasts. Made in the Dravidian style of structure, the presiding deities of the temple are Bhoga Nadaswaram and Yoga Nandeeshwara.
Nandi Chamundi Mysore

Travel Tips

  • Try to reach there before sun increasing. The view of increasing sun is a tremendous perspective from the top of the hill. If you are delayed, you will be still endowed with the amazing views of valleys on the other side of the hill.
  • Be cautious while strolling through the stones on the sides. Like many other holiday locations in India, protection is remaining to the tourists and not confident by offering enough security and fencing on the extreme sides.
  • Avoid stormy days since it can get a bit of unpleasant at the top of the hill. Also, the drive through the hilly area could be dangerous when it’s pouring.

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Best a Chance to Visit

As per the elements, graph goes, summertime win over the other periods as is the case with the entire hill ranges, however, winter periods can also bring fresh change. Rainfall should be prevented travels with children or grand elders.

Dussehra celebrations can be experienced a lot so it is also a good a chance to be in Nandi hills station Tour.

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