30 Best Tourist Places to Visit in Tamil Nadu

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There is no need of any introduction of the temple state Tamil Nadu as this south Indian state is much popular around the world for its natural as well as cultural attractions. The state is adobe for ancient temples, heritage sites, beaches and there are many more sightseeing wonders that fascinates the tourist who tend to earn a memorable experience of a vacation.

#1. Madurai

Madurai is the world famous city in Tamil Nadu, Madurai is one of the ancient city and owe the Meenakshi Temple, which is a classic example of the outstanding construction style of the Tamil rulers. Located nearby to the River Vaigai this is the spiritual destination with a great importance.

Madurai Temple

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#2. Chennai

Serving as the capital of Tamil Nadu this region carries old heritage as well as the modern lifestyle. Starting from the Marina till Cove long Beach there are several attractions in Chennai. One can even visit the Kapaleeshwar Temple, Vellankani, Mylapore, San Thome Church, galleries, museums and many more during the holiday.

Chennai Tour

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#3. Pondicherry

A union territory which is a worthy place to spend a vacation. Starting from the colonial buildings, churches, shopping and many more fascinates the travellers and one can enjoy the unique ambience of the location.


#4. Nagapattinam

A religious place in Tamil Nadu, which is located in the shore, is worthy to explore during the holiday. The region hosts several tourist attractions which owe a great historical significance.


#5. Mahabalipuram

The place owes a special position in the state and is a UNESCO site which is a one must visit location. The ancient monuments present the skill of the artisans and the intricate carvings allow visitors to see the immense beauty of the Dravidian style of art and architecture.


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#6. Thanjavur

Mostly referred as Tanjore this is one place that carries exceptional grace and charm. The land of temples is famous paintings, musical instruments. The Brihadeeswarar Temple, Tanjore royal Palace and a few more are one must visit attractions of the region. One can witness the beauty and architecture of the temples and many monuments which are the UNESCO sites.


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#7. Kanchipuram

Kanchipuram known as the Golden City or Kanchi this place is popular for ancient temples as well as the eye catchy sarees. The Kanchi sarees are world-famous and the Kamakshi temple, Ekambeshwarar temples showcase the architectural brilliance of the Tamil rulers. The temples in Dravidian style and intricate designs, carvings are examples of the construction style of several dynasties.


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#8. Ootacamund

Mostly known as Ooty this is one fabulous location located nearby to Coimbatore. Studded beautifully in the Nilgiri Hills this region is perfect to explore as the serene beauty amazes travellers. The ambience of the hill station, reserve forests, lakes and a few more are wonderful to explore.

Ooty tour

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#9. Rameshwaram

Another holy city in Tamil Nadu Rameshwaram is a magnificent location of the This is one of the most important pilgrimage destination for Hindus and there are remarkable attractions that are worth of visiting. The exotic location is home of wonders and the Hanuman Temple, Ramanathaswamy Temple and a few more are places which are to be visited.


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#10. Kanyakumari

Popular for majestic beaches and the Vivekananda Memorial Kanyakumari is one of the fascinating places of the country. Carrying a great history, the region reflects the wonderful heritage and one must visit wonders in the region include the wax museum, Vattakottai Fort, Sanguthurai Beach, Kumari Amman Temple.


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#11. Velankanni

A popular place for Christians Velankanni is most visited destinations in Tamil Nadu. Devotees visit the Our Lady of Healthy and get the blessing in Velankanni. There is a small museum and people can enjoy the beauty of the region during August and September as the celebration of Our Lady is a one must visit feast.


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#12. Thiruvarur

Another world heritage site in Tamil Nadu located in Thiruvarur is famous for the huge The land is blessed with natural attractions and the Chariot known as the Aazhi Ther grabs the attention of art lovers. The brilliant workmanship is easily seen in the temple car and the region turns much more colorful during the annual celebration that falls in between March and April.


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#13. Chidambaram

The temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, known as Nataraja is a destination that is to be visited once in a lifetime. The idol along with the construction style of the temple amazes every individual and one can see the architectural brilliance of the Chola, Pallava, Pandya and other famous dynasties.


#14. Tiruchi

A weekend gateway which allows people to relax in a peaceful environment Tiruchi is perfect example of a developing city. Travelers can visit temples, churches and even take part in many activities in the region.


#15. Erode

Along with the cultural attractions one can enjoy the scenic beauty of the region visiting Erode. The waterfalls in the hillocks are perfect to explore and one must visit the health resorts and enjoy a great treat. Apart from the majestic natural attractions one can even witness a few oldest temples.


#16. Theni

Nick named as the heaven of the nature lovers Theni is a gorgeous destination of Tamil Nadu which is loaded with greenery. There are innumerable attractions around and one can witness the tea gardens, streams and valleys with mesmerizing ambience in the region.


#17. Vellore

Vellore is popular for the educational institutions and several people from corner of the world visits the region for the medical services. Along with this the region is popular for the fort, temple and church that grabs the attention of the travellers. The region became much popular with a golden temple dedicated to Goddess Laxmi is a one must visit place.


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#18. Tuticorin

A port town in the Tamil speaking state Tuticorin is a perfect place to visit during the holiday. Carrying a unique ambience, this is a beach city where people can even explore the sanctuaries and heritage sites.


#19. Yercaud

People planning to visit the flora and fauna of the region can plan a vacation to Yercaud. The region is blessed with the natural beauty and one can see the Emerald Lake, coffee plantations, Japanese Park, waterfalls and many more sightseeing attractions amazes the nature.


#20. Madumalai

Studded in the enchanting Nilgiri Hills, Madumalai is an exotic region that is perfect to explore with the family. The landscapes and the serene beauty turns the region to be a paradise on earth and one can spend a day watching the birds and locating the animals.


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#21. Chettinad

This region is popular for the dishes served following the Chettinad cuisine. Apart from the temples, monuments and other attractions, this place tickles your taste buds with traditional dishes and helps in spending a marvellous vacation.


#22. Kumbakonam

A oldest city in Tamil Nadu situated in the Thanjavur district is a fascinating place for the history The serve beauty amazes people and one can find the roots of Hinduism in the cultural city.


#23. Namakkal

A city owes a legend and is one of the pleasant places of Tamil Nadu. The Hanuman temple known as the Digambara Anjaneya Temple, cave temple and other attractions are apt to explore during the vacation.


#24. Kutrallam

A heavenly place for the nature admirers Kutrallam allows people to see the wonderful waterfalls and the whole region are blessed with greenery. The sprawling gardens, panoramic sites and a few more offers a fabulous experience of the holiday.


#25. Yelagiri

Travellers interested in trekking need to visit Yelagiri as the green valleys and the breathtaking environment amaze all the travellers. One can enjoy an adventure filled vacation in the region loaded with panoramic view and the beautiful places draw the attention of nature lovers.


#26. Thoothukudi

A place nearby to Chennai Thoothukudi is popular since the British rule. The port offered a special image to the region and one must visit the Hare Island and the Sankara Rameshwarar temple.


#27. Mamallapuram

Known as the poetry in stone this is a region that reflects the Dravidian culture in each and every aspect. Travellers must visit the Thirukadalmallai temple as the architectural brilliance amazes every Along with this there are other outstanding constructions that are worthy of visiting.


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#28. Coimbatore

Whether you like to enjoy the historic sites or religious places or even the nature wonders, then it is a must to visit Coimbatore. There are several popular places in the region that is located in the banks of the river Noyyalandone can easily spend a mind-blowing vacation.


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#29. Pudukkottai

The region welcomes people who love to explore the monuments and prehistoric constructions. One must visit Avur, Kunnandar Koil, Viruthapureeswarar temple and a few more around the region as there are several monuments constructed under various dynasties.


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#30. Dharmapuri

The warm climate attracts the travellers and people can explore the majestic region Dharmapuri earning a memorable experience. Starting from the Hogenakkal falls till the Theerthamalai there are several wonders in the hill stations and the scenic beauty amazes visitor.


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Spending a marvellous holiday in South India with classic wonders with family or friends is much easy when people pick the right package as there are unique attractions that are worth of visiting once in a lifetime.

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