Culture of Andhra Pradesh

The culture of this state can date as back as BC. The early people to settle in this state is the Aryans who came from Vindhyas (Himalayas). It is considered to be one of the earliest settlements in the country. Thus, the culture of this Andhra pradesh is very colourful and interesting.

Culture and Tradition


The top religions that you can find in this state are Islam, Hinduism, Christianity and a small amount of Buddhism. Though number of Hindus are high here, you can find a lot of Muslim worship places as this state was ruled by many Muslim rulers before independence.


The music of this state is Carnatic music. This state was the birth place of many top Carnatic singers like Thyagaraja, Muthuswami Dixitar, Shyama Sastri and many others. Besides this style of music, this state is also known for vocal music, instrumental music, folk music and others. The top instrument of this state is Mridangam.


The local language of this region is Telugu. It is a derivation of Tamil and Sanskrit. It is a very rich language and a lot of literature and poetry are developed in this language.

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