Vodarevu Beach

Visitor Information
  • Distance : From Vijayawada 103 Kms
  • Visited : From Suryalanka Beach - Bapatla (28 km)
  • Duration : (From Suryalanka Beach - Bapatla , Including Travel)) 2 Hours
  • Location : 8 Km From Chirala Town
  • Transportation : Bus / Cab
  • Travel Tips : Suryalanka Beach is 28 km from here and can be visited together

This beach is about 6 km from Chirala. This beach is known for sightseeing. This beach has coconut trees and other exotic plant species. Stroll on the beach would make your day more bright. This beach is for those who are looking for a place to relax.

These are the top beaches that are visited by many tourists every year. There are a lot of other small time beaches like Lawson’s bay, Tenneti and Sagarnagar Beaches. If you want your vacation to be filled with just beaches, the best place to visit is Visakhapatnam. You can find numerous beaches in this district. You ought to visit these beaches during holi or Ganesh Chaturthi to enjoy the state in festival mood.

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