Gooty Hill fort of Anantapur

Gooty is a small town in Anantapur. This town has a massive hill fort that was built in 7th century. This is the most ancient hill fort of this state. This is called the king of forts as it is not a small single fort. This hill fort has 15 small forts with separate entrance. Thus, it is not each to infiltrate into the main fort. This fort as has water reservoirs inside it. One of the wells in this fort had been connected to a spring. This fort was a place where ammunitions were kept before the fort fell into the hands of Qutub Shahi rulers and eventually to British.

This is a hill fort which is circular in shape. It is about 700 metre above sea level. Today, this hill fort stands as ruins. Many small reservoirs are found inside the fort. There are a lot of massive structures inside it. You can also find a granary, powder magazine, pavilion for kings, store rooms and prisons. This was built in the 11th century and by 16th century it fell into Muslim ruler’s hands. Later Aurangazeb captured it and eventually fell into the hands of British.

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