Andhra Pradesh Forts

Bhongir Fort

This fort is located in Bhongir hill which is 500 feet above the sea level. This fort was built in 12th century.

Chandragiri Fort

This is an 11th century fort and palace that was built during Vijayanagar dynasty. It is a fort for prince till his coronation.

Golconda Fort

This is an architectural wonder built by Qutab Shahi Kings. It was a defence fort. Initially, this fort was built by Kakatiya kings using mud in 12th century.

Gooty Hill fort of Anantapur

When the city was drowning due to inadequate water and epidemics, Quli Qutub Shahi built this new city for retrieving his kingdom

Kondapalli Fort

This fort is located in Kondapalli which is a little away from Vijayawada. It was built in 14th century for strengthening the defence of the city.

Penukonda Fort

Penukonda fort is located near Anantapur. When the state was ruled by a lot of different small kingdoms and sultans, there was a cluster of different religious prevailing in the state.

Trimulgherry Fort

This fort was built in late 19th century. It was used as a military house and barrack. It is now a military hospital.

Warangal Fort

This fort is located in Warangal. It was built in 13th century by Kakatiya kings. It is a large fort with four stone gateways.